June 2013

Opening Night – Portraits of Rhiwbina @ The Art Workshop

The prints arrived at 1.00pm and I was lucky enough to have the expert opinion of my lecturer David Lewis from Cardiff Metropolitan University came along to help lay out the grids.  We finished just after 3.00pm leaving a few hours before the official opening at 6.00pm.

After all the preparation the opening night finally arrived.  Without knowing how many and if any people would turn up by 5.45pm my concerns evaporated!  There was such an amazing response with some staying for a few minutes and others most of the evening.  There was a fabulously positive vibe and I couldn’t have hoped for a better night. I was given some lovely flowers by Leah Millinship, one of my portraits, as she was unable to make it on the night, plus a bouquet from Martha & Genevieve from the Art Workshop and my family.  My house resembles a florists shop and I’ve run out of vases!  All the hard work was worth it, and I’m so grateful for people giving up their time to come and view the exhibition.  Just overwhelming x

In the Papers …

The Portraits of Rhiwbina Exhibition has taken over the Galleries pages in the South Wales Echo.  With a total of 5 images printed I am overwhelmed by the coverage.  Really looking forward to opening night tonight.  Everything prepared and ready to go ..

sarah barnes photography portraits of rhiwbina

Portraits of Rhiwbina Exhibition Book

The Portraits of Rhiwbina Exhibition Book has been printed and ready for the opening night.  It contains the personal stories of each individual featured in the exhibition.  The original idea for the projects was for a book so I am really pleased I was able to offer an affordable copy during the showing.

Preparing for The Portraits of Rhiwbina Exhibition @ The Art Workshop

Carpenter Darren Barnes made sure all back batons were perfectly in-line ready to hang the dibond, lightjet images when they arrived.  This was the most time consuming process.  I had originally measured the wall and drew up a plan for how I wanted them to hang.  The first idea was to display them equal distances apart but the mock-up made it clear the viewer had no break.  Instead I used 3 panels with 12 images in each across the main wall.  This would break up the display which would be easier on the eye.  The adjacent walls would follow the line of the middle tier as room was required to stick the Portraits of Rhiwbina text above.

The trick to making this an easier process is to draw up a rough sketch, this will make it clear of the formation before any holes are drilled.  There is no way back from there without making a mess!