April 2014

Heritage Scrapbook

Heritage Scrapbook – Book Design

I have just finished a small book design for a creative project. Using images from my photoshoot, inspired by the early 1900s, I mixed the design elements with pages from my maternal great-grandmother Lizzie’s autograph book, and a postcard and photography scrapbook from my paternal great-grandparents William & Hilda. Being able to look and re-use aspects of their beautiful keepsakes has been inspiring … treasures for sure!

A feature on me in the Swansea Museum Blog

Feel very pleased to be featured on the Swansea Museum blog in preparation for our group exhibition ‘Circles of the Discovered Skies’ which opens in a couple of weeks.  Last few tweaks including picking up my framed prints today and I’m so pleased with what Cardiff Frame have created for me.  Sometimes it’s very hard to envisage if the mounts and frame will suit the images, but I can safely say I am more than happy to put them on display.  Looking forward to our opening night and the curation of the exhibition next week.

Under Milk Wood framed

Under Milk Wood framed