December 2014

WULF Gift event at the Pierhead Building, Cardiff

I was asked to photograph the Wales Union Learning Fund Gift Event in the Pierhead Building in Cardiff Bay.  The building is so iconic, beautiful and historically significant to Cardiff.  The premise of the event was to showcase current projects benefiting from the Welsh Government’s Union Learning Fund.  Assembly Member Julie James, Minister for Skills and Technology, came along to talk to attendees and visitors and award the Learning Rep of the year prizes.  Trade Unions bid for WG funding in order to organise learning courses in a wide variety of subjects.  The workshops at the event included bicycle care, confidence building, Lego education and mindfulness.  There were many stands, not just training providers like the WEA and Open University but cake decorating, creative wrapping paper ideas and recycled crafts.  The atmosphere was very positive, filled with people who are passionate about lifelong learning.  It was a pleasure to be part of the day.

Colour Theory Project

I have been working on using colour in some of my personal work lately.  I enjoy spending time in my little attic room, using torches and coloured gels in the darkness with only the radio for company.  These abstract pieces of work were achieved simply by using light and shadow, the fundamental basics of photography. I like the fact that although I can control the outcome to a certain extent, I can never be too sure of how each frame will turn out.  As some lights are hand held and moved, no image is ever exactly the same.