April 2015

Vogue Festival 2015

In Vogue – Fashion Festival 2015

After slaving away finishing a personal project I was very much looking forward to a day in London at the Vogue Festival 2015.  Arriving at the Royal College of Art in Kensington the aesthetics of the venue did not disappoint.  Very white walls some adorned with gigantic images from the Vogue pages gave the venue some pizzaz!  It was like being in a high key studio.  While I was waiting for my daughter Christy, I decided to people watch with my GX7 Panasonic camera.  Much less obvious than my SLR and more suited to these covert fashionista collecting images!

I was there to attend a talk by one of my favourite photographers Tim Walker.  I had so many questions for him but the courage to put my hand up escaped me during the Q&A.  Alas, it was still interesting to hear his views on the speed of life and of image making these days.  He noted in the 60s Richard Avedon was given 5 weeks for a Vogue editorial in Japan, he only 5 days in Bhutan shooting for the May 15 issue.  It was encouraging to listen and learn to a person I admire, whose image making sets him apart.

Actor Headshots

Actress Rhian Cheyne – New Headshots

Rhian Cheyne a Cardiff based actress, asked me to update her headshot images.  As the weather was so beautiful yesterday we simply used the light from a window and a small reflector.  It was amazing to watch a trained actress become a completely different character within each frame.  All it took was a minute change in her eyes, tension of the mouth or turn of her head to transform herself from a vamp to a gamine childlike creature.  Very beautiful to watch and even more evident in the library of images from the shoot.  Remember me when you win your Oscar Rhian!