Dylan Thomas Exhibition

Outset Exhibition Cardiff

I was very pleased to be one of 20 artists, illustrators, photographer, graphic designers and architects to be chosen to exhibit my Under Milk Wood project at The Gate Gallery in Cardiff this summer.

The Gate Arts Centre in Roath will be home to a new student Art and Design exhibition that will run from Wednesday 23rd July – Friday 15th August 2014, with a private view on Tuesday 29th July.

Located in the heart of Cardiff’s vibrant student sphere, we are searching for the very best visual art and design in our city and vale. With strong attention to effective business acumen useful for a prolific career, the exhibition will promote, develop and inspire future generations.



A feature on me in the Swansea Museum Blog

Feel very pleased to be featured on the Swansea Museum blog in preparation for our group exhibition ‘Circles of the Discovered Skies’ which opens in a couple of weeks.  Last few tweaks including picking up my framed prints today and I’m so pleased with what Cardiff Frame have created for me.  Sometimes it’s very hard to envisage if the mounts and frame will suit the images, but I can safely say I am more than happy to put them on display.  Looking forward to our opening night and the curation of the exhibition next week.

Under Milk Wood framed

Under Milk Wood framed


Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood

Eli Jenkins 2am Under Milk Wood with Dylan Thomas

Eli Jenkins from Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood marked the last diorama for my project for the forthcoming group exhibition in Cardiff Castle and Swansea Museum.  Blurry eyed (I could no longer manually focus my camera) and with vats of Colombian coffee swilling my belly … I called it a night!

The morning light however made me think about adding maybe 2 more characters to set, even though the deadline was today!  Maybe Mrs Dai Bread 1 & 2 and No Good Boyo ahh so many to choose from!  If I spent a year on this project I’m not sure I would get all 60 odd characters done from the play.

The image below gives you an idea of the Under Milk Wood set which is made from paper, sellotape and glue and placed on table length ways in front of the camera.  It looks a bit mish-mash, however each item serves a purpose to highlight the main character including DVD cases to give some height to the gravestones … very high tech!  The transformation from the uninspiring reality to the final image, is dependent on camera settings and the use of a single moving light source aka a £1.50 torch from IKEA!  It is amazing what paper, craft knife, a good story, hair pulling frustration, a camera, a few paper cut fingers and a deadline can do.  Thank you Dylan Thomas for your inspiring words.

Sarah Barnes - Under Milk Wood

Sarah Barnes – Under Milk Wood

Eli Jenkins Set for Under Milk Wood

Eli Jenkins Set for Under Milk Wood

Swansea Museum Exhibition – Under Milk Wood

Inspired Group Exhibition – Dylan Thomas

I will be exhibiting work with my fellow students in Cardiff Castle and Swansea Museum.  With the opening night scheduled for April 11th and an impending deadline for completed work by March 4th.  I have completed four pieces of work so far using inspiration from Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood and have spent the last few days drawing and cutting out my version of Bessie Bighead and Mae Rose Cottage.  With only four down and six to go I am becoming anxious!  However, when a deadline appears I set to work and have finished Gwennie and Johnnie Cristo ‘kiss Gwennie where she says or give her a penny’!  Needless to say I am looking forward to the photography exhibition with my fellow Inspired students.

Sarah Barnes Photography Under Milk Wood

Sarah Barnes Photography Under Milk Wood

Dylan Thomas Under Milk Wood

Dylan Thomas 2014 – Exhibition in Swansea and Cardiff

Dylan Thomas Exhibition –

I will be exhibiting work inspired by the words of Dylan Thomas for a forthcoming group exhibition in Cardiff Castle and Swansea Museum.  My work is inspired by Under Milk Wood and features paper cut outs of some of the main characters.

I have based the work on vintage dioramas to create a scene made out of paper.  All the characters were created and cut out by hand then placed within a UMW scene.  After listening to the play countless times, I wanted to make it as clear as I could who the characters were.  As the play is so well loved I felt I had to do it justice!  My first character was Polly Garter and her many children … and subsequent washing on the line!  I hope that all the Dylan Thomas fans who will see the ‘Circles of the Discovered Skies’ exhibition will recognise the characters easily.

We will be exhibiting in Swansea Museum from April 12th – June 15th 2014


DylanThomas exhbition

Dylan Thomas 100 years celebration

Dylan Thomas Photography Exhibition in Cardiff

A group of photographers are planning to put on a group exhibition using inspiration from the verse of Dylan Thomas. Next year will see numerous celebrations around Wales celebrate what would have been his 100th year.  The collective group of photographers have called the project simply ‘Inspired’

I have been busy reading and preparing ideas, even though we are still in the early stages.  I now consider myself to be ‘well read’ on Thomas’ poems.  His ‘I fellowed sleep’ had personal resonance as I suffer from bouts of insomnia and vivid dream states.  The process of sleep fascinates me and I knew this was a poem I was going to base my first attempt at visualisation through photography.

I have explored conceptual interpretations of photography in the past and I wanted to use the technical, studio based processes again.  Myself and another local artist Julie Lyddon set about creating angel wings out of lining paper draped with muslin.  With our model dressed in white bed sheets we set about taking 10 second exposures with blasts of flash periodically lighting a moving  angel.  These are the results alongside verse 4 of the poem.

Faded my elbow ghost, the mothers-eyed,

As, blowing on the angels, I was lost

On that cloud coast to each grave-grabbing shade;

I blew the dreaming fellows to their bed

Where still they sleep unknowing of their ghost.

Sarah Barnes Photography Cardiff

Sarah Barnes Photography Cardiff