Conceptual Modern Photography

Using Photoshop to Create Photographic Art

I have recently been researching various art genres that use photography as one of the raw materials.  The research and subsequent trials will form the basis of an exhibition next May and the work will be my main focus over the coming months.  It is often difficult to find an angle which has not been ‘done before’, arguably as everything seems to already be a reflection of something else maybe nothing is really ‘new’.

My main interest is that of the pioneers of photography, but for a change I have been looking at contemporary photographers like Brooke Shaden, Rob Woodcox, David Talley, Kirsty Mitchell and the amazing work of Alexia Sinclair. Whilst I can get lost completely in their artworks I do sometimes wonder has their talent got more to do with Photoshop than photography, and does it matter anyway, if the results are breathtaking pieces of work?  Not being an advanced Photoshop user, I decided to try to put together a storytelling image with the subject being my own image of a portrait shoot, Rose, and adding bits and pieces around.  With lots in the news regarding potential changes in the fox hunting ban I sketched a quick drawing before setting to work in Photoshop.  The result is a play on words called ‘Fox Hunting Ban’ not to trivialize the issue but just a glimpse from another perspective as the fox as the hunter.

Conceptual Photography