Dylan Thomas 100 years celebration

Dylan Thomas Photography Exhibition in Cardiff

A group of photographers are planning to put on a group exhibition using inspiration from the verse of Dylan Thomas. Next year will see numerous celebrations around Wales celebrate what would have been his 100th year.  The collective group of photographers have called the project simply ‘Inspired’

I have been busy reading and preparing ideas, even though we are still in the early stages.  I now consider myself to be ‘well read’ on Thomas’ poems.  His ‘I fellowed sleep’ had personal resonance as I suffer from bouts of insomnia and vivid dream states.  The process of sleep fascinates me and I knew this was a poem I was going to base my first attempt at visualisation through photography.

I have explored conceptual interpretations of photography in the past and I wanted to use the technical, studio based processes again.  Myself and another local artist Julie Lyddon set about creating angel wings out of lining paper draped with muslin.  With our model dressed in white bed sheets we set about taking 10 second exposures with blasts of flash periodically lighting a moving  angel.  These are the results alongside verse 4 of the poem.

Faded my elbow ghost, the mothers-eyed,

As, blowing on the angels, I was lost

On that cloud coast to each grave-grabbing shade;

I blew the dreaming fellows to their bed

Where still they sleep unknowing of their ghost.

Sarah Barnes Photography Cardiff

Sarah Barnes Photography Cardiff