Flower Lodge, Rhiwbina, Cardiff – Beautiful Bouquets

The Love of Flowers – Flower Lodge, Cardiff

When I was contacted by Tracy from the Flower Lodge in Rhiwbina, Cardiff to photograph some bouquets, I jumped at the chance.  I love having fresh flowers in my home.  My Mum worked as a florist when she left school so I have grown up with flowers in every corner, in every vase.  With Valentine’s Day a few weeks away, the red rose bouquet really helps to say it all with flowers.  The red rose has a deep symbolic history from Greek mythology where it was tied to Aphrodite, to Christian virtue, to literary giants Robert Burns and William Shakespeare.  If you were wondering how many to buy, here is some consensus on the meaning behind the quantity;

A single red rose = love

2 red roses together = engagement

12 red roses = gratitude

25 red roses = congratulations

50 = unconditional love

To order one of these lovely bouquets contact – Flower Lodge, 14 Beulah Road, Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF14 6LX
029 2062 7587 – info@flowerlodge.co.ukwww.flowerlodge.co.uk