Eli Jenkins 2am Under Milk Wood with Dylan Thomas

Eli Jenkins from Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood marked the last diorama for my project for the forthcoming group exhibition in Cardiff Castle and Swansea Museum.  Blurry eyed (I could no longer manually focus my camera) and with vats of Colombian coffee swilling my belly … I called it a night!

The morning light however made me think about adding maybe 2 more characters to set, even though the deadline was today!  Maybe Mrs Dai Bread 1 & 2 and No Good Boyo ahh so many to choose from!  If I spent a year on this project I’m not sure I would get all 60 odd characters done from the play.

The image below gives you an idea of the Under Milk Wood set which is made from paper, sellotape and glue and placed on table length ways in front of the camera.  It looks a bit mish-mash, however each item serves a purpose to highlight the main character including DVD cases to give some height to the gravestones … very high tech!  The transformation from the uninspiring reality to the final image, is dependent on camera settings and the use of a single moving light source aka a £1.50 torch from IKEA!  It is amazing what paper, craft knife, a good story, hair pulling frustration, a camera, a few paper cut fingers and a deadline can do.  Thank you Dylan Thomas for your inspiring words.

Sarah Barnes - Under Milk Wood

Sarah Barnes – Under Milk Wood

Eli Jenkins Set for Under Milk Wood

Eli Jenkins Set for Under Milk Wood