Inspired Women Photography 35+

sarah barnes photography portrait

Sarah Barnes photography portrait

Inspiring 35+ women by taking portraits of them is my main aim for a forthcoming project.  I was bored of seeing 22 year old models … looking gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but equally uninspiring.  By a happy accident I was asked to take portraits of a friend who was transforming after a few years of re-adjusting following a painful divorce.  She wanted me to take some portraits of her new found confidence as she moved forward from her past.

Dodging rain and hail showers we sludged our way in wellies to Cefn Onn Park in Cardiff.  We spent the next two hours laughing and freezing in the intermittent rain and mud but the results of her inspired me to start a project.  I feel the success of a portrait is not purely down to the photographer … portraits are a collaboration of trust.  She trusted me and I her.  I realised quickly when I uploaded them how they were far more inspiring to me than the samey images 22-year olds I see everyday.  There on my screen was a woman 35+, a woman with a past, a woman with hopes and dreams, a woman with courage, a woman with many facets.  She epitomised the type of woman I would like to photograph and so the Inspired Women idea was born.  Watch this space!