Polaroid – The Instant Film Camera

Polaroid is Back!

The first camera I ever used was my parents 1970s Polaroid. It was perfectly packaged in a brown ‘carry all’ box with a silver clip (yes that’s me and the box in the picture)! It used to knock my legs when I walked but I still insisted in carrying it around my neck everywhere. Roll on a few years later …. and although that camera has long been confined to history, I still have an affinity to the Polaroid. I recently bought a 440 Land camera as Fuji are still making the 100C film and for other types of Polaroid you can also buy the 600 film made by the Impossible Project.  A pack of 10 pictures costs a little over £10.00 for the 100C for Land Cameras and 8 pictures about £16.00 for the Polaroid 600 film .  Unfortunately no photography shops in Cardiff seem to stock the film I need. Thank goodness for Amazon!

If you are interested in finding out more check out the new products from Polaroid or the amazing story of the Impossible Project, and Fuji’s Instax.  Long live instant film!