Sarah Barnes Photography

Michelle Marshall Salon

I was recently asked by the Michelle Marshall Salon in Rhiwbina, Cardiff to capture headshots of the hard working staff and some interior images for their soon to be launched website.  The team were so much fun and I wish them lots of luck with their new website launch.

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle, colour or treatment look no further, I can personally highly recommend the team. Go to the Michelle Marshall Salon website for further details and to book online.  You can also contact them on 029 2061 1566.

White Ribbon Campaign with the Women’s Institute in Wales

Not in my Name Campaign Launch

November 25th was White Ribbon Day marking the first of 16 days of activism to end violence against women. I was commissioned by the Women’s Institute in Wales to photograph at the Senedd and later a candlelight procession in Cardiff Bay. There were lots of inspirational speeches. Two victims of domestic violence, most notably, had the courage to stand up and tell their stories. For more information on the campaign or to sign the pledge visit



Wedding Buttonhole Flowers

Beautiful Buttonholes

I have been a busy bee today photographing buttonholes for an advert in an upcoming edition of Pink magazine.

Tracey from the Flower Lodge in Rhiwbina, Cardiff is the creator of these amazing floral designs.  If you need flowers for any occasion contact her on 029 2062 7587.

Polaroid – The Instant Film Camera

Polaroid is Back!

The first camera I ever used was my parents 1970s Polaroid. It was perfectly packaged in a brown ‘carry all’ box with a silver clip (yes that’s me and the box in the picture)! It used to knock my legs when I walked but I still insisted in carrying it around my neck everywhere. Roll on a few years later …. and although that camera has long been confined to history, I still have an affinity to the Polaroid. I recently bought a 440 Land camera as Fuji are still making the 100C film and for other types of Polaroid you can also buy the 600 film made by the Impossible Project.  A pack of 10 pictures costs a little over £10.00 for the 100C for Land Cameras and 8 pictures about £16.00 for the Polaroid 600 film .  Unfortunately no photography shops in Cardiff seem to stock the film I need. Thank goodness for Amazon!

If you are interested in finding out more check out the new products from Polaroid or the amazing story of the Impossible Project, and Fuji’s Instax.  Long live instant film!

Colour Theory Project

I have been working on using colour in some of my personal work lately.  I enjoy spending time in my little attic room, using torches and coloured gels in the darkness with only the radio for company.  These abstract pieces of work were achieved simply by using light and shadow, the fundamental basics of photography. I like the fact that although I can control the outcome to a certain extent, I can never be too sure of how each frame will turn out.  As some lights are hand held and moved, no image is ever exactly the same.

Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood

Eli Jenkins 2am Under Milk Wood with Dylan Thomas

Eli Jenkins from Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood marked the last diorama for my project for the forthcoming group exhibition in Cardiff Castle and Swansea Museum.  Blurry eyed (I could no longer manually focus my camera) and with vats of Colombian coffee swilling my belly … I called it a night!

The morning light however made me think about adding maybe 2 more characters to set, even though the deadline was today!  Maybe Mrs Dai Bread 1 & 2 and No Good Boyo ahh so many to choose from!  If I spent a year on this project I’m not sure I would get all 60 odd characters done from the play.

The image below gives you an idea of the Under Milk Wood set which is made from paper, sellotape and glue and placed on table length ways in front of the camera.  It looks a bit mish-mash, however each item serves a purpose to highlight the main character including DVD cases to give some height to the gravestones … very high tech!  The transformation from the uninspiring reality to the final image, is dependent on camera settings and the use of a single moving light source aka a £1.50 torch from IKEA!  It is amazing what paper, craft knife, a good story, hair pulling frustration, a camera, a few paper cut fingers and a deadline can do.  Thank you Dylan Thomas for your inspiring words.

Sarah Barnes - Under Milk Wood

Sarah Barnes – Under Milk Wood

Eli Jenkins Set for Under Milk Wood

Eli Jenkins Set for Under Milk Wood

Swansea Museum Exhibition – Under Milk Wood

Inspired Group Exhibition – Dylan Thomas

I will be exhibiting work with my fellow students in Cardiff Castle and Swansea Museum.  With the opening night scheduled for April 11th and an impending deadline for completed work by March 4th.  I have completed four pieces of work so far using inspiration from Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood and have spent the last few days drawing and cutting out my version of Bessie Bighead and Mae Rose Cottage.  With only four down and six to go I am becoming anxious!  However, when a deadline appears I set to work and have finished Gwennie and Johnnie Cristo ‘kiss Gwennie where she says or give her a penny’!  Needless to say I am looking forward to the photography exhibition with my fellow Inspired students.

Sarah Barnes Photography Under Milk Wood

Sarah Barnes Photography Under Milk Wood

Inspiring Women in Photography

Inspired Women Photography 35+

sarah barnes photography portrait

Sarah Barnes photography portrait

Inspiring 35+ women by taking portraits of them is my main aim for a forthcoming project.  I was bored of seeing 22 year old models … looking gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but equally uninspiring.  By a happy accident I was asked to take portraits of a friend who was transforming after a few years of re-adjusting following a painful divorce.  She wanted me to take some portraits of her new found confidence as she moved forward from her past.

Dodging rain and hail showers we sludged our way in wellies to Cefn Onn Park in Cardiff.  We spent the next two hours laughing and freezing in the intermittent rain and mud but the results of her inspired me to start a project.  I feel the success of a portrait is not purely down to the photographer … portraits are a collaboration of trust.  She trusted me and I her.  I realised quickly when I uploaded them how they were far more inspiring to me than the samey images 22-year olds I see everyday.  There on my screen was a woman 35+, a woman with a past, a woman with hopes and dreams, a woman with courage, a woman with many facets.  She epitomised the type of woman I would like to photograph and so the Inspired Women idea was born.  Watch this space!

Dylan Thomas Under Milk Wood

Dylan Thomas 2014 – Exhibition in Swansea and Cardiff

Dylan Thomas Exhibition –

I will be exhibiting work inspired by the words of Dylan Thomas for a forthcoming group exhibition in Cardiff Castle and Swansea Museum.  My work is inspired by Under Milk Wood and features paper cut outs of some of the main characters.

I have based the work on vintage dioramas to create a scene made out of paper.  All the characters were created and cut out by hand then placed within a UMW scene.  After listening to the play countless times, I wanted to make it as clear as I could who the characters were.  As the play is so well loved I felt I had to do it justice!  My first character was Polly Garter and her many children … and subsequent washing on the line!  I hope that all the Dylan Thomas fans who will see the ‘Circles of the Discovered Skies’ exhibition will recognise the characters easily.

We will be exhibiting in Swansea Museum from April 12th – June 15th 2014