Vintage Fashion Portrait Photography

Sarah Barnes Photographer Cardiff Sarah Barnes Photographer Cardiff Sarah Barnes PhotographyUsing the Victorian era as my theme for these vintage fashion portrait images, I hired dresses from Marigold Costumes in Cardiff and commissioned florist Tracy Bell, from The Flower Lodge in Rhiwbina Village, to make a variety headbands with real flowers.

I have been wanting to photograph the model for a long time and was so grateful when she said she was happy to be in front of my camera.  A keen photographer herself we managed to come up with a few different ideas as we went along.  My initial sketchbook for the shoot contained inspiration from Italian artist Titti Garelli and hand tinted photographs from the Victorian era.  As usual the concept shifted during the shoot as it does most of the time.  One images can enable a complete turn around, far from what was planned.  I have lots to do but the idea is for a fine art type composite using some full length images from today’s shoot, in addition to the portraits.