WI reception at the Pierhead Cardiff Bay

National Federation of Women’s Institutes-Wales

NFWI-Wales Centenary Reception

Delegates from the WI, stakeholders and politicians gathered at the Pierhead in Cardiff Bay for a reception to celebrate 100 years of the Women’s Institute. The movement began in Canada then spread across the Atlantic.  The first meeting was held at Llanfair PG on Anglesey on September 16th 1915.  The original aim was to encourage countrywomen to get involved in food production and preservation to help the supply during WWI.

The speakers including Dame Rosemary Butler AM, Ann Jones (NFWI Wales Chair), Lesley Griffiths AM and Janice Langley (NFWI Chair).  They spoke about the modern WI and the impact of the organisation.  It was enlightening to hear about the work of the WI and Dame Rosemary’s talk on the impact of mentorship opportunities in Wales.